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Devotion TV is perfect for Family time with teenagers. Watch impactful Christian messages on Youtube and Tangle (Godtube). These lessons come with scripture references and discussion questions.


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Devotion TV is great for dinner time devotionals with teenagers. Watch powerful Christian messages on Youtube and Tangle (Godtube). Devotional lessons come with scripture references and discussion questions.

Grab your laptop and gather around a good meal to spend some quality time with you, your family and God. We have found that watching the devotional videos while eating is a little hard to do without dropping spaghetti in you lap. The best time for our family seems to be just as people are finishing up their last bite. Some Teenagers moan or roll their eyes when you tell them it time for a family devotion. I figure we just gave them a free meal, they can hang out with their folks for a few extra minutes of God time. We pray, read the Bible verses, watch the video, then go through the discussion questions. Our teenagers don't mind hanging around for the cool videos and a chance to voice their opinions.

Enjoy the Videos. We hope and pray that God uses these devotionals to bless your family and their spiritual growth.

Why Christians Suffer

Keywords - Adversity, Stress, Tragedy, Divine Discipline, Suffering for Blessing, The Wrath of God, Testing, and Why Christians Suffer

Kirk Cameron talks with Guy

Keywords - Witnessing, Evangelism, Sharing your Faith, The Gospel, The Great Commission, Sowing seeds, Presenting the Gospel, Witness to your Friends

Footprints in the Sand

Keywords - Footprints in the Sand, Tragedy, God with Us, The Love of Christ, Missions, Serving the Poor, Heaven, Eternal Hope, Leona Lewis and Why Suffering

He ain't Heavy, He's my Brother

Keywords - Outreach, Addiction, Teen Suicide, High School, Troubled Teenager, Witnessing, Drugs and Alcohol, Love your Neighbor, He ain't Heavy

Set Me Free

Keywords - Sin, Addiction, Temptation, Slave to Sin, Delivered, Redemption, Demons, Satan, Jesus Christ, Spiritual Warfare, Teens, Christian Youth, High School

Thy Phone

Keywords - Prayer, Intercession, Petition, Supplication, Thankfulness, Gratitude, Prayer for others, Remembering to Pray, Praying for your Friends.

Never been Unloved

Keywords - The Love of Christ, Grace, God's Love, Man's Imperfections, Never been Unloved, Unconditional Love, The Love of God, Love on a Cross

Family Devotional - Witnessing

Keywords - Witnessing, Evangelism, Sharing your Faith, The Gospel, The Great Commission, Sowing seeds, Presenting the Gospel, Witness to your Friend


Keywords - Confession, Forgiveness, Mercy, Repentance, The Love of Christ, Grace, God's Love, The Love of God, The Gift of Salvation

The Marshmallow Test

Keywords - Temptation, Patience, Waiting, Self Control, Endurance, Abstinence, True Love Waits, Promises, Reward, Blessings

The Starbucks Difference

Keywords - Kindness, Good Deeds, Random acts of Kindness, Selfless, Christian Love, Fruit of the Spirit, Compassion, Generosity, Thoughtfulness, Benevolence

Redeemed Rock Star

Keywords - Addiction, Christian Recovery, Substance Abuse, Drugs, Alcohol, Freedom in Christ, Rock Star Conversion, Korn, Brian Welch, Bondage Breaker

Evolutionary Lies in Class

Keywords - Evolution Lies, Darwinism Falsehoods, Science textbooks, Biology Class, Creationism, Truth, Vestigial organs, Transitional Lifeform

Darwin is Dead

Keywords - Darwinism, Evolution, Creationism, Creation, Intelligent Design, Scientific proof, Creator, God, Genesis, Irreducible Complexity, Darwin's Black Box





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