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The Angelic Conflict - Part Four

Modern Satanic Strategy

The terms "cosmic system" or “darkness manifesto” refer to Satan's plan and process for controlling the world, and his attempt, using his organization of fallen angels, to counteract the plan of God in all respects.

Satan was unsuccessful in preventing the redemption plan of the Messiah. To add insult to injury, the Messiah rose from the dead and is alive! Lucifer failed miserably. He knows the evidence against him is insurmountable and his fate is sealed.  His time is limited as he awaits the execution of his sentence.  Satan is not going to go out without a fight.  He still thinks he can prove his arguments.  He still makes irrational claims that he can be as good as God. That God is unfair and unloving. That God is a liar and does not keep His promises.

Belligerent and delusional, Satan is still trying to justify his rejection of the prehistoric grace offer from God. Satan continues to re-work a system designed to counteract any future plans of God.  His world plan is carried out by a highly organized international conspiracy of demons.

In our current day and age, Satan has several key objectives written into his darkness manifesto.

Satanic Objective #1 To keep unbelievers from believing in Jesus Christ. 

Every human being is born spiritually dead, hence is born as a member of the kingdom of Satan. Satan will try to take as many humans as possible to Hell with him. He has a strategy regarding every person to keep that person from accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour.

Tactic -Satan uses Temptation through Demon Institutions to control mankind
Satan is generally able to achieve his ends through demon influence and demon temptation without resorting to direct attack or possession. In fact, in the vast majority of cases, such influence and temptation do not even require direct demonic involvement. The world system which Satan has so laboriously constructed is by now so chock-full of ready-made temptation and institutionalized satanic influence that a sizeable, built-in momentum for perpetuating and deepening its influence on earth has already been achieved. Satan and his organization have successfully infiltrated many key areas of modern society.  They have been effective at inserting their cosmic doctrines into the teachings, philosophies and policies of Government, Science, Art, Music, Universities, Public education, Medicine, Psychology, The News Media and Entertainment. All of these key areas of society promote a worldview that is antagonistic to the idea of  God, Jesus, The Bible, Heaven, Hell, Good, Evil, Grace, Salvation, Right and Wrong. Satan has invested a large amount of effort and time in promoting his agenda through these agencies. Satan and his demons personally wrote the book on Evolution, Mysticism, Atheism, Relativism, Materialism, Perversion, Socialism, Anarchism and Racism. These cosmic systems are brilliant in their design and are unknowingly run by humans who for the most part, don’t even believe Satan exists!  These carefully planned systems are all designed to destroy any chance of Faith, distort the Truth and keep humans from following the one true God.

Without divine intervention, one may hypothesize safely that no further direct demonic activity would be required for the world to continue in its degenerate direction until absolute corruption had been achieved.  Satan, of course, is not satisfied with this. His only hope (and a false one at that) for avoiding the inexorable approach of God's judgment lies in the complete obliteration of faith from the earth. For this reason, continued and intensifying demonic influence (through his world system) and temptation (individual entrapment) can be expected as the devil makes every effort to strengthen his grip on the world.

Tactic -Satan tries to blind unbelievers to the Gospel. 2 Cor 4:3,4 LUKE 8:12  2 Thess 2:9,10.  His attacks on the Gospel are of utmost importance. Distortion of the grace message by substituting a works based salvation has lead many astray.  Fortunately for humans, God the Holy Spirit will make the offer of salvation clear to those who are truly seeking Him.

And the ones beside the road are those are who have heard [the truth of the gospel], then the devil comes and removes the Word from their heart, so that they might not believe and be saved. Luke 8:12

To open their eyes, and to turn them away from the darkness and into the light, and from the power of Satan unto God. Acts 26:18

Principle: all those who will one day inhabit the lake of fire will have this one thing in common; They will all have rejected God, not the other way around.

Tactic -Satan is the inventor of many world religions, human philosophies and false gospel messages.
While Satan does not force anyone to be lost, he uses every means to steer the unbeliever away from the truth. His ultimate weapons in this are religion and humanism. He tries to promote the glorification and deification of mankind while downgrading the concept of Grace and God Himself. Gen. 3:5; Col. 2:8   

There are a number of common factors, present in varying combinations, that connect paganism, cults, the occult, and organized pseudo-religion. First and foremost is the fact that by denying the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are fellow participants with the devil in the process of "blinding the minds" of potential believers (2Cor.4:4), "stealing the seed" of the gospel out of hearts which are seeking God before they can turn to God in Christ and thus be saved.  Most Satan sponsored religions require that you work your way to heaven. Some other derivative characteristics one often finds in Satan’s substitutes for the true worship of God through Jesus Christ include:

  • Emphasizing "secret doctrines", mysteries, and esoteric materials.

  • Seeking to minimize the sting of death, denial of final judgment, denial of hell.

  • Substitution of another god or gods, whether of a different name, or so perverting what the Bible says about the one true God that it amounts to the same thing.

  • Promise of "becoming a god" or "like God" or otherwise transcending the mortal plane.

  • Denial of the need for a Savior, substituting works or reincarnation.

  • Focus on ritual and rote worship instead of true communion with God.

  • Emphasis of feelings or ecstatic behavior over scripture.

  • Odd, alienating, isolating behavior.

Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation. Before Christ, those who sought Him looked forward to the promise of the cross, from Adam and Eve and their coats of skin onward (bespeaking Christ’s work through symbolic animal sacrifice). After Christ, we look back to His saving work for us on the cross (commemorated in the ceremony of communion). But before or after the cross, Christ has always been the only way to God. All other religions, occult systems, doctrines, groups, cults and the like are false paths. To approach God, we have to do it God’s way, and His way is a narrow way, the only true Way, His Son Jesus Christ. Only pure and unadulterated faith in the Son brings salvation, forgiveness of sins, and the promise of resurrection. This cannot be achieved by good works, by self-sacrifice, or by ritual. It cannot be achieved by membership in any organization. Salvation comes through faith in Christ alone.

I am the way: the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.  John 14:6

Tactic – Satan uses the occult to foster direct demon possession of Unbelievers.
Demon possession is an especially virulent form of demonic attack that must be addressed separately. In demon possession, a fallen angel (or several) takes up residence in the body of a morally accountable human being. Fallen angels crave the sensual experience that only a physical body can provide, and it is safe to say that without divine restraint, much more such possession would occur.

As with demon afflictions of all kinds, demon possession is also subject to the permissive will of God. Unlike demonic attack and infliction of disease, however, demon possession also requires the willful acquiescence of the possessed. A person has to "agree" to demon entrance in order for it to happen. This agreement need not be in the form of a conversation, but merely a conscious consent to allow an unnaturally great influence of supernatural forces into the life. Involvement in paganism, the occult and even some aspects of more "respectable" non-Christian religions obviously helps to advance this process and make possession a more likely possibility. Any activity that surrenders the will in a supernatural context (even "socially acceptable" practices like hypnotism, Quija board use, tarot cards, etc.) helps weaken resistance to demon entrance. The fact that spiritism (necessarily involving possession) is strongly prohibited in the Old Testament demonstrates the ultimate culpability of the possessed (Lev.20:6, 27; Deut.18:10-11; Is.8:19). Demon possession, inevitably regretted after the fact, is as much an individual responsibility as is getting "hooked" on drugs, alcohol, or any other destructive behavior.

Principle - As temples of the Holy Spirit believers are exempt from demon possession. (1Cor.3:16; 1Cor.10:22),

Since "authority over the demons" is a power (or gift) only given to apostles and their associates, "exorcism" is not a valid activity for believers today. In many instances, those who claim to be Faith Healers and Exorcists today are actually working in cooperation with the Demons in order to lend credibility to false preachers and help grow their "ministries". Matt 24:24, 2Thes.2:9-12 ;Matt 12: 22-29; Rev 16:14 The only weapon we possess to combat suspected cases of demon possession is prayer, but, as our Lord told us, this is the most powerful weapon of all (Mk.9:29). Where the power of God is involved, anything is possible.

Satanic Objective #2 To destroy the believer's relationship with God. 

Satan is directly involved in distracting believers from their spiritual growth. 

Satan doesn't give up when a person accepts Christ as Saviour. He has a strategy regarding believers which is very subtle and far-reaching. Satan knows, by reason of his limited mentality, man would be easy to deceive, and because of his sin nature, his predilection to sin would make the devil's work so much easier. We can find abundant evidence of this in the newspaper, or in the circumstances of our own lives, every single day. Humans succumb to greed, hatred, violence, crime, lasciviousness, envy, spite, jealousy, and hundreds of other sins. None of us is without sin, and Satan has become a master at exploiting our weaknesses over the thousands of years that this struggle has continued.

According to God's permissive will and as a part of His master plan, the whole of this world is Satan's domain. His territory, his rules. (1 John 5:19) As Christians, we are in peril every moment. This is our enemy's stronghold, and if God would permit it, he would snuff out all of us in a heart beat. Fortunately for us, God is in control of our lives as believers and only He determines how long we remain on this planet. But Satan is at liberty to tempt us, swindle us, cheat us, lie to us, and deceive us. And he is very good at what he does.

Strategy ONE - Satan has an extensive strategy to promote sin and tempt believers.

Satan has a built-in ally in each one of us: our sin nature (Jas.1:14). He understands how it works and purposely devises ways to exploit our predilection to Sin.(2Tim.2:26).

Tactic – Satan uses Verbal Suggestion from others
One of the best ways to tempt someone to sin is through suggestion and encouragement from others (2Pet.2:18-19). There is something about the human heart that leads it to eagerly embrace a suggestion from another person that it would never adopt (or perhaps even conceive) on its own. Peter's suggestion to the Lord that He put out of His mind the idea that He must suffer death is an example of the devil trying to use another human being as a lever to induce sin (as our Lord remarked: Matt.16:23).

Tactic – Satan uses Visual Suggestion
Sometimes the mere appearance of an object of temptation (or something closely related to whatever one lusts for) is enough to start the wheels of the sin nature rolling. In our mass-media world, where sin-inducing images abound (consider that advertising, for example, is almost completely directed towards stoking our natural covetousness), it is no great matter for the devil to probe our resistance by supplying the most tempting images at the most opportune time. Satan understands man’s natural sexual desires and has perverted this into obsession through a wide array of media opportunities. (Job 31:1; Ps.101:3; 1Jn.2:16).

Tactic – Satan uses Subconscious Suggestion and Thought Patterns
Subtle suggestion below the conscious level is also a weapon in the devil's arsenal (1Chron.21:1;  Matt.16:23). It is important to note that we no more have to take any heed of sinful and evil "ideas" that occur to us than we do the overt verbal suggestions of others enticing us to leave the path of truth. (Eph.2:2; 1Tim.4:1) While some seed ideas might be of demonic origin, our sin nature is quite capable of generating a sufficient and ongoing dialogue in many areas of mental sins. (2 Corinthians 10:4-6) Satan is the Author of all Mental attitude sins such as bitterness, desires for revenge, pride, guilt feelings, failure to forgive, hatred, mental adultery, and so forth. Thoughts are the worst category of sin because they can fester and go unnoticed by others for extended periods of time. Sin in the mind inevitably manifests itself in more obvious overt sins like abuse, adultery, deceit, addiction and the like.

Tactic -Satan encourages believers to worry.
Fear is a powerful and natural emotion. Satan is an expert at distorting this emotion in people by promoting lies and casting doubt. Worry neutralizes the soul of the believer. Satan tries to frighten Christians with regard to physical death. Faith in the promises of God is the antidote to fear. 1 Peter 5:7-9,  Heb 2:14,15

Tactic -Satan promotes Emotionalism.
Distorted emotions can lead to great distractions for Christians; so Satan puts on a big campaign to control people's emotions. While emotion is a bona fide function of the soul, whenever emotion takes precedence over Bible truth, it leads to distraction. Those who dabble in ecstatic experiences, public or private, are allowing their feelings and emotions to outweigh divine viewpoint thinking. Under circumstances of edification and spiritual growth, emotion is a tremendous generator of happiness. But emotion is not a means of spiritual growth and cannot be used as a criterion of spiritual condition.

Strategy TWO - Satan has an extensive strategy to stop Spiritual growth and keep Believers from The Word of God.

After becoming a Believer in The Lord Jesus Christ, every Christian has a responsibility to make Bible Study, Prayer, Giving and Service their daily priority in life. To counteract this, The Devil and his propaganda army will do everything in their power to keep us from fulfilling our duties. His primary and most effective strategy is to promote Apathy toward Bible learning and Ignorance of the Word.

Tactic -Satan distracts by trying to keep believers from attending Church and Bible Studies, Heb. 10:25. He promotes THE LIE – “I am too busy to Study the Bible”. He tempts the believer with an improper emphasis on details of life such as money, success, social life, pleasure, loved ones, health, sex, materialistic things, or status symbols. The mature believer knows that his happiness is not derived from these things, so he is not a slave to them. The novice Christian, however, may try to gain happiness from such things, and this will distract him from the Word of God and participation in worship.

Tactic -Satan attempts to change the focus of the believer.
Instead of Occupation with Christ, Satan wants the Christian to be occupied with

SELF, (Col. 3:1; 1 Cor. 1:10,11; Gen. 3:4,5; Mt. 26:31-35)

THINGS, (Heb. 13:5,6; 1 Cor. 1:10,11),

PEOPLE, (Jer. 17:5; 1 Kings 19:10; Jer. 17:4).

Tactic - Satan sponsors false teachings and heresies within the Christian community.
The devil, has been patiently working his way into our Christian community. You can find Satanic sponsored false teachings on Christian TV and Radio. Christian best sellers are often loaded with false teaching. Many seminaries and Bible colleges have become extremely liberal in their theology and crank out liberal pastors by the thousands every year. Every Sunday, in pulpits across this country, Shepherds brainwash their trusting flocks with false doctrines and heresies. Satan works feverously behind the scenes to exploit the latest fad in Christian teaching if it will take people further away from the Truth. The Devil and is his army of marketing demons are hard at work. Gradually, luring unsuspecting believers into his web with the oldest trick in the book; using truth to conceal the lie. Rarely are false teachers completely false. They wrap their heresies in with the truth.

False teachers will continue to operate throughout Satan's rule on earth. 1 John 4:1

1 TIM. 4:1  1 COR. 10:19-21  2 COR. 11:3, 13-15  2 CHRON. 21:1

Tactic - Satan sponsors fighting and division within the Christian community.
If Satan can't entice practicing Christians away from solid Bible teaching churches, then he will insinuate himself into their congregation by sponsoring more traditional distractions. Gossip, self-righteousness, pettiness, power plays and legalism are all ways that Satan works inside the walls of the church.

Tactic -Satan seeks to frustrate the will of God for the believer.
There are three categories of the will of God which Satan tries to interdict.

  • The operational will of God (what God wants us to do); James 4:7,8; Gal. 5:7.

  • The mental, or intellectual, will of God (what God wants us to think): 1 Tim. 4:1.

  • The geographical will of God (where God wants us to be):, 1 Thess. 2:18.

The Bible talks about the Armor of God as enabling the believer to "stand against the wiles of the devil". This armor is protection for us while we live in kosmos diabolikos, and the weapons of our warfare are stronger than Satan as we take our stand in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Protection against the Schemes of Satan: Eph. 6:10-18James 4:7; 1 Pet. 5:8-9; Ps. 1:1-3; Ps. 119:9-11; 2 Cor. 10:3-6; 1st John 5:19

Counter measure #1 - Become disciplined in your Bible study habits. You will gradually develop an insatiable desire for God’s truth.

Counter measure #2 - Understand sin and your own sin nature. Resist at all cost the temptation to Sin.

At the heart of all direct temptation from the devil lurks the lie. Deception is the true key to effective temptation. For, if we knew the truth, feared God as we should, and appreciated the consequences of succumbing to temptation, we would appreciate how counterproductive, how devastating to our faith and to our lives every defeat at the hands of the devil truly is. In short, we would never do it. Satan (through his demonic servants) makes a point of masking the truth in all his efforts at temptation. This is obvious from the first case study in human experience, Adam and Eve, where the fall of our first parents into sin would never have occurred had not Satan deceived them into a false appraisal of the situation. The devil may deceive us by suggesting that some sin isn't sin at all, that some sin is necessary, or he may simply present us with an offer that is "too good to pass up", but even in this last case, we have been deceived as to the hollowness of the prize before us and the painful consequences certain to follow from turning away from God. (Gen.3:14; Jn.8:44; 2Cor.2:11; 2Cor 11:3-4; 2Cor11:14-15; Eph.6:11; 2Thes.2:9-12; Rev.12:9; 19:20; 20:3 & 10)


Satanic Objective #3  To bring in his own millennium through internationalism and a centralized world government. 

Satan still has aspirations of becoming a great and successful world leader.  He would love to take credit for establishing a utopian world government. His attempts to establish a counterfeit kingdom will continue to the very end. This explains much of the suffering in the world today. In the future, God is going to remove this, but right now this is Satan's kingdom and Satan cannot handle his own kingdom. The result is poverty, disease, war, death, etc..

Tactic -Satan would love to have a unified world government.
As the ruler of this world, Satan has a strategy regarding the nations. In basic terms, Satan's desire is to neutralize the Divinely ordained Institutions and Laws set forth by God in scripture. God has ordained certain laws for the survival and freedom of the human race during the course of human history. Anarchy exists when segments of nations ignore these laws. The laws of divine establishment provide the freedom for mankind to fulfill the divine plan of God and are directed toward both believer and unbeliever. Divine establishments include things like Freedom, Volition, Marriage, Family, and Government. Principals set up by God for the protection, orderly function, survival, and perpetuation of the human race during this period of the angelic conflict.

The tower of Babel was an early attempt at unifying the people of the world. Satan reasons, it would be much easier to control the people and indoctrinate the masses under a centralized system of government with no communication barriers.  God supports having separate nations for just this reason. It allows for rebel countries like the USA to carry the torch of God. In every century, there are one or more Nations who take the lead in spreading the Gospel and protecting the Word of God. Nationalism and democracy make it difficult for Satan to get all of mankind onboard with his Cosmic agenda. Therefore, Satan is anti-nationalistic and pro-United Nations, pro-World Council of Churches, pro-Communist, etc.. REV. 12:9; 20:3,8

Tactic -Satan promotes “good”
Satan is curiously in favor of good deeds, compassion and humanitarian efforts. He knows that most humans are not only naturally selfish but have inherent need to do good.  Satan recognizes this natural desire in Man and supports it as long as God does not get the credit.  If people can get satisfaction without involving God, then Satan sees that as a useful and effective distraction.  Remember, Satan sponsors Utopianism.

Man is plunging headlong into the myth that scientific, technological, social, cultural and  human progress is the ultimate “good” in the world. This is merely helping the devil to build the new tower of Babel.  Faith in technology (instead of faith in God), hope in political solutions (instead of God’s solutions), and love for human cultural accomplishments (instead of for God and the sacrifice of His Son) are common variations on the devil’s theme of working to make heaven on earth.

Tactic –Satan seeks to control key individuals in history
In order to promote his millennium, Satan needs to have extensive influence and control of certain human leaders. Satan focuses on key decision makers and power brokers to advance his policies. (2 Kings 21:1-9) One way or another, in some or all of their policies, every institution and organization in our world is playing into Satan's hand. Very rare is the exception. There was a time when this was not true, but no longer. For America, the future is uncertain and dark, for we have become a casualty in this raging war that we cannot see, except for its manifestations into our society.

Arrogance, selfishness, greed, hyper-sensitivity, self-righteousness, hatred, road rage, pettiness, senseless litigation, pampering criminals, criminal rights, rampant crime, relativism, government meddling, political correctness, promiscuity, drug addition, alcoholism, pornography, dirty business, welfare gone berserk, child abuse and molestation, spousal abuse, a 50% divorce rate and climbing, adultery, violence, racism, obsession with entertainment, garbage in the media, more and more laws that control our lives and list goes on…and on…..

The Satanic "Millennium" is in full swing and the Devil is doing a fine job of proving his inferiority as a leader and “god”.

Soon, Satan will face his "millennium climax", known as the Period of Great Tribulation, which will only come after the rapture of the church. The Satanic millennium can only be fully put into place when there are no believers on planet earth. This 'millennium' will be the most chaotic, disastrous, and miserable 7 years in world history. It is the tribulation of the book of revelation.

Satanic Objective #4  To prevent God's millennium from arriving

Tactic –Satan desperately wants to prevent prophetic events from happening
Most of the yet to be fulfilled promises of God will be realized during the tribulation and the establishment of Christ’s earthly kingdom. According to the scriptures, in the future there will be a literal thousand year period when Satan will be incarcerated as Jesus rules the planet.  Once again, Satan will be unsuccessful in stopping the inevitable prophecies of God and God will once again prove his veracity in keeping His every promise. Romans 15:4; Matthew 16:27-28,  Isaiah 2:2-4,  1 Thessalonians 4:13-18,  Hebrews 9:2,  Revelation 16:12-21, Isaiah 60:17-22

Tactic –Satan wants to keep Christ from Ruling in Jerusalem
Jesus Christ will be the world ruler during the Divine Millennium, and His rulership will be fantastic. Satan reasons that if he can slow down the prophecies, he can somehow avoid the inevitable, ultimate defeat at the foot of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ.

Tactic –Satan wants to avoid incarceration
At the end of The Tribulation, Satan and his demons will be locked up for 1000 years. The tribulation will be a violent time as Satan sees the writing on the wall. He will be belligerent and hostile as his freedoms come to an end.

Tactic –Satan still seeks to eliminate the Jews
The Jews are God's chosen people, and they are going to be Christ's subjects in the Divine Millennium. Therefore, Satan is constantly plotting against the Jews in his attempt to exterminate them as a race of people.

In his plans and programs, Satan will ultimately and certainly fail. God's Millennium Kingdom will happen, just as it is outlined in scripture. Jesus Christ will be the ultimate and final victor in the spiritual war know as  the "angelic conflict".

Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be Done

During His first advent, Christ bore witness that His Kingdom would not take literal possession of the world until the appointed time (Matt.25:34; 26:29; Jn.18:36; Acts 1:3-8; Dan.7:22). Until He comes again, the nations of the world are often heavily influenced by the devil and in his nominal control. But in spite of the devil's considerable influence, we must not forget that history is ultimately in the hands of the Lord. All that Satan does, he does only through God's permissive will and, in the end, he cannot hinder the inexorable progress of the plan of God in even the most minute way. The Lord God Almighty is the One who is truly in charge of all that happens in history; He is the real ruler of the nations (Ex.19:5-6; Ps.9:7-8; Is.40:23):

In summary, the knowledge that we are living out our lives on what amounts to a spiritual battlefield here on this vain earth should not be depressing, but liberating. Knowing this truth "sets us free" in great measure (Jn.8:32; Gal.5:1), because in this way we come to see clearly that all the pointless things of life, things after which the world runs with such gusto, things that in the end do not satisfy, are not the things that are really important. We come to see the world as it really is, looking with the eyes of faith to the things that are not seen (2Cor.4:18), the things that are eternal. And we have confidence that our personal victory over whatever part of the devil's world we now occupy will find its ultimate complement and fulfillment in Christ's complete victory over Satan and his cosmos when He returns.


while we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen; for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are not seen are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:18

To be continued in The Angelic Conflict - Part Five

Compiled and Condensed from the writings of several authors and pastors including J Hampton Keathley , Robert Mclaughlin, Robert Dean, Robert D. Luginbill, Gene Cunningham, Ric Web, R.B. Theime, Charles Ryrie and Lewis Sperrry Chafer.

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