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Free Topical Bible Study Lesson on

The Angelic Conflict

Lesson AC001– Small Group Bible Study on The Pre-Historic Angelic Conflict


Look up the following Scriptures. When reading these verses ask yourself the following questions:

    1. Who is talking/writing?
    2. Who is the audience?
    3. What do these verses have to say about our main topic?
Job 38:4-7
Ezekiel 28:12-18
Isaiah 14:12-14
Rev. 12:4
Matt. 25:41
1 John 3:8



Read the following article that relates to our topical Bible study.

The Angelic Conflict - Part One
Before man existed there were, and still are, billions of heavenly creatures identified as "angels". These creatures are vastly superior to man in every way. They have bodies of light and an extremely well developed intellect. Read hereThis article should take less than 10 minutes to read

Important Tip! For Optimal Learning and Comprehension, Print the article and grab your highlighter.

As you read the article, highlight the sentences, statements or paragraphs that you find most profound, confusing, revolutionary, fundamental or inspiring.  Mark each highlight with the reason you choose it.  Use the corresponding word or letter. P = Profound , C = Confusing , R = Revolutionary , F = Fundamental , I = Inspiring.

After you have done this for the entire article, force yourself to narrow your favorite sentences, statements or paragraphs down to your top 5. Then top 3. Then 1. This will prepare you for in-depth group discussion.

Not only will this technique improve overall reading comprehension, but will act as a discussion outline for your small group.  This method also provides a jump start if you choose to do a written summary of the article.



Answer the following questions after reading the article above:

  1. When were angels created? List any bible verses that support your answer.

  2. What was Satan's position before his fall? Describe him.

  3. Describe the Fall of Satan.

  4. How many Angels decided to follow Satan in his rebellion?

  5. What sentence did God give Satan and the fallen Angels? Has this sentence been carried out? Why or why not?

  6. If God knew that Satan would sin then why did he even create him?


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Class readings are presented in variable lengths as indicated by the SM - MED - LG - XL ratings. Each article will be ranked by these symbols and should give you an idea about the time committment needed to finish the reading assignment. If you think you don't have 5 minutes to spare, click here.